One of the challenges I have faced in homeschooling is the monotony that can come from week to week.

There are times that I am preparing the lesson plans for the week, and I feel like "not this again...."

And so when I do not make any changes and present my daughter with the daily plans, she exclaims; "but I already did this".

So in order to just get over this phase I have for this week at least, put down the MFW lessons, and made my own. Adding "fun" stuff that will keep her entertained and focused. I believe that learning should be fun.

I have also "relaxed" a bit and added the board game Boggle Jr. Even though we are playing a game, she is learning.

I must say that breaking away from the norms or "un school" myself is very hard.

On a good note is that I have an idea of what I want to teach for first grade. I emphasize "idea" because I know that the closer I get, my mind will tend to change.

I guess I just need to take one-day-at a time.

I am planning to school thru the summer so we can finish up our K curriculum. I will continue to do a 4 day week and enjoy the rest of the day outdoor (weather permitting).

Have a great and productive learning week.

Many blessings.

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